Bon Lux

BON LUX is a creative studio, making artisanal perfumes, and a range of scented and illustrated goods. BON LUX make multi-use products which celebrate nature's precious, sustainable ingredients. Small-batch and slow, BON LUX products are for rest and care; for gifting, for love; for a happy life!
BON LUX began in 2014, by Chantel Camilleri, who's love of flowers, plants and nature inspire everything. BON LUX perfumes are intuitive; made using the ancient craft of natural perfumery to create unique, layered scents evoking memories, enhancing moods.
BON LUX products combine perfume blending, painting and textile design in a range of unique, hand-made products to gift or keep. Its ALL FOR JOY!
Hand-made in a solar-powered studio, in Melbourne.