Bright Threads

Bright Threads was born from owner Alice's own search for luxe linen in bold colours and fun patterns. Some of Alice's earliest memories involve long lunches and raucous dinner parties. As a child, there was nothing sweeter than coming out to the dining room the next morning and finding an after dinner mint that had been left behind. So it’s not surprising that she feels most at home gathering people around a table! Alice wanted luxe linen in bold colours and vibrant patterns. Linen to last a lifetime of rosé fuelled long lunches.  The good quality linen was often boring, the great prints and colours poor quality, designed to only last a season. Alice wanted the linen that she could build a collection around, the sort of linen that would last long enough for her son and daughter to be using it one day.  And so, while on maternity leave with her daughter, Alice took the leap and Bright Threads was born. 
Bright Threads  products are available in store at Have You Met Charlie? Brighton only.

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