Hummingpea - Embroidery Kits Ages 4-12

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This little kit is filled with all your child needs to learn the basic skills of embroidery. designed to appeal to 4-10 year olds, it can be used by anyone of any age, and aims to introduce the basic principle of embroidery that is threading thread in and out of fabric from front to back. it's purpose is to foster creativity and imagination, while teaching an age old skill that can be built on for years to come.

The kit is designed to be simple to use and understand, where once an adult has helped with the initial explanation and instruction reading, the fulfilment of the activity should be able to be managed independently. 

The kit contains : one 7.5cm flexi hoop, 11 pieces of fabric, 29 pre-cut lengths of thread, one large needle (not too sharp!), plastic beads, a bag of fabric confetti, and some simple instructions and ideas.

Embroidery is calming and addictive, and should your child love this, it will keep them amused for hours on end!

Handmade by Hummingpea in Adelaide, South Australia

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