Rewild Co- Cleanse Bars - Various Scents

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These Limited Edition Cleanse Bars are hand made in small batches and are cold-processed, keeping the integrity of the ingredients.

Filled with plant extracts, it will give your skin a deep clean.

Handmade by Rewild. Co in Grampians, Victoria Australia.

Eucalyptus is a natural antiseptic + highly effective treatment of skin infections, wounds + insect bites. Cold pressed Lemon promotes skin brightening + collagen production. Along with Apricot Kernel oil which creates an incredible lather. An excellent Bar for the avid gardener!

The main plant ingredient, Lemongrass helps with skin purification. Add to this, an invigorating blend of Eucalyptus Peppermint Gum + Lemon Myrtle. Ground Wattleseed provides a light exfoliation.

Vanilla Skies
The dreamiest aromas of Vanilla Skies Cleanse Bar are ever-present. Notes of Rosewood, Vanilla and Geranium play like a symphony and made for long baths and gentle melodies. This cleanse bar is a dream.

Wolf's Garden
The richness of Walnut Oil provides hydration, wattleseed scattered through the Bar provides a gentle exfoliation and Green Clay will help wash away surface toxins. With aromas of violet leaf, vetiver, cedarwood and grapefruit, this is filled with a deeply comforting aromas of mountain air.

With cocoa butter to prevent skin dryness and Amyris Wood Oil with its amazing anti-aging properties, this is the best Bar for nourishing dry/aging skin. If you love a woody, Wintery aroma, this one is for you with Cedarwood Atlas, a key ingredient.

A basket full of citrus, including lemon, bergamot, lime, mandarin + sweet orange. Walnut granules give you an incredibly light exfoliation.

Handmade by Rewild Co. in Grampians, Australia.

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