Wili Heat Bags - Various Neck Wraps

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Wili Heat Bags neck wrap heat bags are used to help with cramps, muscle pains, aches and relieve stress. The neck wrap has 5 individual panels sewn into them so that the heat is evenly distributed across your neck & shoulders. 

Can also be used as a cool pack, just pop inside a ziplock bag and place in your freezer. Great for keeping you cool in summer or for icing injuries.

Made from 100% cotton fabric & filled with Australian grown odour free lupins - a type of legume grown by Australian Farmers. They use these instead of traditional wheat because they're odour free! So no more smelly heat bags and smelly microwaves!

Some benefits of using lupins:

  • retains heat longer 
  • 30% lighter than wheat
  • doesn't sweat when heated
  • chemical free

The neck wrap heat bags measure Approx. 50cm wide x 25cm tall x 3cm deep

Handmade by Wili Heat Bags in Adelaide, South Australia

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