Bon Luxe boxed scented soy wax candles from have you met charlie? a unique gift shop in adelaide, south australia.

Bon Lux Boxed Votive Candle - Sweet Smoke*

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A mysterious smoky scent of a beehive and the crackle of a forest fire. this candle blends honey and beeswax with woodsmoke and spice. 

Burn this candle to bring the room a surprisingly quirky aura of blown out birthday candles, campfires and honey comb. A man-endorsed candle, you can gift this to a chap. Its soft grey box, and smoky scent suits anyone who prefers spices to floral. 

100% cotton lead free single wick

100% sustainable soy wax

Unique hand-crafted perfume

36hr burn


Handmade by Bon Lux in Melbourne, Australia.

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