Form & Flux Candle - Beastly Basilisk Venom

Help Newt Scamander on his quest to find his fantastic magical creatures with the best antidote for a beastly bite - basilisk venom. With a zingy aroma of fresh mint leaves and green apple, make sure you snap up a Beastly Basilisk Venom soy wax candle before they run away...

Jars: 125 ml 
Burn time: 12+ hours

All Form & Flux candles are made with natural soy wax and essential oils. These beauties have a minimum burn time of 12 hours. Each scent wafts subtly and distinctly throughout it's surroundings, creating a pleasant and delicious aroma. *Colour & scent may vary from candle to candle as all are hand poured and dependent on the reaction of the materials.

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