Kindred Self Pure Essential Oil - May I Be Mindful

Kindred Self pure essential oils are a gentle way to tend your emotional wellbeing. These therapeutic plant oils deeply relax and stimulate the nervous system.

Enable your emotional state to be refreshed, rebalanced and calmed.

'May I Be Mindful' is a centring blend composed to still the mind and connect you to the present moment. Supportive during quiet meditations and spiritual practice.

These oils are beautifully packaged with a guide that explains how to use your essential oils at home, work or on the run.

- Sweet Orange
- Petitgrain
- Organic Bergamot
- Organic Lemon
- Organic Rosemary
- Spearmint

Kindred Self essential oil blends are made from single origin pure plant oils. They do not contain alcohol, synthetic materials or preservatives.


Pure essential oils are highly concentrated, only sparing use is required to enjoy their full healing properties. For topical use we recommend dilution with a vegetable or nut oil first to prevent possible skin irritation. It is not advised to ingest oils or use during pregnancy unless under the care of a qualified Aromatherapist.

Hand blended by Kindred Self in Adelaide, South Australia

Vendor: Kindred Self

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