Nicola Rowlands - Pocket Girlfriend Various*

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If you're lost without a super sweet, rad chick by your side...
here’s your solution!

Meet your new pocket girlfriend!

-Ramona starts each day with a list and a cup of nettle tea. She has a white Alsatian called Felice and a large striped sock collection.

-Or choose Charlotte. Her feet are small but her heart is big. She also makes the most delicious coffee cake.

- Or is Lucy your gal? A fan of fruit cider, Elvis Costello and soggy toast.

- Amanda has a penchant for swarovski crystals, a taste for coleslaw sandwiches and an infectious laugh.

- Or maybe Melissa will capture your heart. She has a small brown cat called Bruce and a secret stamp collection. Vegan. Conditions her hair with coconut oil.

Whichever lady you choose, they'll have all the best bits about a girlfriend minus the emotional unpredictability and duvet-hogging tendencies. Take her anywhere with you for a dose of female intuition, utmost organizational skills and all-round girl power. Lend her to a friend in need of some TLC.

Pocket girlfriends are made from clay, painted with acrylic and sprayed with two coats of gloss enamel. The packaging is hand-numbered.

Designed by Nicola Rowlands in Manchester, UK.

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