Nook & Burrow - Soap

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This soap is cruelty-free and made in Australia with the finest, quality ingredients.

Chocolate Fudge / chocolate
Edmund's Turkish Delight / rose, raspberry & goats milk
Jane Austen's Earl Grey / earl grey, bergamot & honey
Polyjuice Potion / coconut, avocado & lemon myrtle
Sauron's Spice Bar / cinnamon, ginger, orange & turmeric
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Bathtub / peppermint
Secret Garden / peony & rose
The Night Watch /  lemon myrtle, lime, patchouli & activated charcoal

Ingredients: saponified oils (sunflower, coconut, soy bean,
rice bran & castor), chocolate fragrant oil, colour.

Handmade by Nook & Burrow in Melbourne.

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