Nicola Rowlands - Pocket Man Friend*

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If you're lost without a manly man by your side, here's your solution.

A pocket manfriend! Handmade pocket manfriend by Nicola Rowlands.

Take him anywhere with you for moral support. Lend him to a friend in need of a bearded companion. All the best bits about a manfriend in a pocket-sized format for portability.

Please choose which guys suits your needs. Your pocket manfriend will come packaged as shown in the photos with his description and special ID number on the back.

- Clive: He’s wholesome and earthy. Makes scrambled eggs like no other. Very polite. A reader. Collects pens. Smells faintly of mothballs.
- Craig: Craig cooks a killer spaghetti bolognese and has hairy feet. Very good at hugging. Favours a hunting sock and a goosedown vest.
- David: It’s David the scientist here to be your pal. David’s good with numbers and great at planning, not so good with heights or cheese. Immaculate hair, smooth skin but often farts in public.
- Dominic: If you like spicy foods, he’s your man. He makes a killer picante. He has hair black as the night and owns two cats called Henry and Santiago. Keeps his home clean and his motorcycle shiny.
- Eric: Graphic designer, bike enthusiast, vegetarian. Combs his beard. Collects vintage armchairs.
- Eugene: Perfectionist, artist, strong minded, stubborn. His hair is black as coal. His heart is lonely without you.
- George: He’s a magician and a pescatarian. Likes his shoes shiny and his trousers pressed. An elusive chap, but a gentleman at heart.
- Kenneth: He's the blonde one. Challenge him at scrabble at your peril. Mixed martial arts junkie, hip hop fiend, has a beagle called Patrick.
- Jason: Jason’s work as a supply teacher keeps variety in his life, but he’s lacking in the spice he needs.
- Nate: Looking to get swept off your feet? Nate’s your man. With eyes that’ll make your knees go weak Nate drives fast and plays his guitar loud. Not so reliable but you can rely on him to make you swoon.
- Nicholas: Drinks red stripe lager out of the can, wears tightey whiteys and teaches science. Has a pet rat. Doesn't often wash, but is very funny.
- Pete: You’ll never be sad when he’s around. A medic with a video game addiction, Pete knows loads of jokes and plenty of awesome hot dog joints to take you.
- Ray: He's got firey-ginger hair and a firey temper to match. Accountant by day, serious jazz enthusiast by night. A capricorn. Very particular about his coffee.
- Toby: Here to keep you in constant supply of hugs is mechanic Toby. Although he smells of cabbage Toby’ll fix anything you need fixing... including a broken heart.
- Vincent: An eccentric man with a taste for expensive red wine, Vincent enjoys watching horse racing from the comfort of his living room. Don’t let his silk dressing gown frighten you, he’s got exquisite taste - which is why he’s chosen you.

As the pocket manfriends are all hand-painted they will each differ slightly... so yours will be completely unique albeit slightly different from the photo.

Designed by Nicola Rowlands in Manchester, UK.

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