The Quirky Cup Collective - Kindle & E-Reader Sleeve Various


Introducing The Quirky Cup Collective Kindle & E-reader Sleeves – a haven for your literary and technological treasures, concealing secrets within its spacious design. This isn't your typical sleeve; it's a sanctuary crafted specifically for Kindles & E-readers, offering a blend of elegance and practicality that seamlessly caters to your reading adventures.

ps. Not limited for use specifically for Kindles. Can also be used as a tarot case, pencil case and small purse. It is purely up to your imagination :)


- Kindle PaperWhite
- Kindle PaperWhite Signature
- Kindle Oasis
- Kobo Clara
- Kobo Libra
- Kobo Nia
- iPad 

If you have another E-reader and it isn't listed above, please check the dimensions/circumference of your device against the inside measurements provided below. For the Kindle Scribe, please shop The Quirky Cup Collective book sleeves as they will fit this device.

**Please also note that we can't promise your device will fit as the measurements do not include any cases, pop sockets or accessories you might have for your device. These accessories will be okay for some device sizes but not all. Please double check the inside circumference measurements below and know that if your device or item falls below the inside circumference, it should fit into the sleeve. 


- Original Design by The Quirky Cup Collective
- 21 x 16cm (6.46 x 8.26 inches)
- Inside circumference - 34cm/13.5 inches (width)
- Rounded top edge 
- Back pocket with zipper
- Zipped top enclosure 
- Detailed embroidery
- Inside padding
- Lush velvet material
- 100% polyester
- Lined with satin
- Tassel zipper

Care Instructions:

- Please hand wash at a maximum temperature of 40 Degrees Celsius. 
- Lay flat and let naturally dry

Designed by The Quirky Cup Collective in Adelaide, Australia.