Bopo Women - Dreamer Sleep Gift Set


Sweet Dreams are made of this Sleep Set. Our Dreamer Serene Sleep Set pairs our beautiful Amethyst Infused roller Dreamer, blended to promote calm and deep sleep, with a beautiful 100% Silk Sleep Mask. Packaged in a gorgeous re-usable gift box to store all of your bedtime trinkets.

Key Ingredients:
Lemon: Calming, sedative effect and also eases anxiety.
Lavendar: The oil of calm & soothing. Amazing for sleep, relaxation & anxiety.
Juniper Berry: Oil of the night. Calms nightmares & disruptive sleep.
Coconut Oil: Natural skin softener for lasting skin hydration.
Dream Amethyst: Calming, healing, soothes restlessness & enhances intuition.

How to use:
As you get ready for bed, roll your Dreamer perfume roller onto your wrists and pressure points. You can also use it on the soles of your feet for quicker absorption. Place your Eye Mask on and get ready for a blissful night's sleep!