Funky Fun You Earring Kit - Painted Blooms

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Paint your own ear-blooms! This extra special kit combines traditional earring-making techniques with a bit of art... it’s like a colourful puzzle for you to complete! To make earrings that are uniquely yours, colour the pieces with the provided markers to create funky patterns. Then, assemble the pieces to create your very own earring designs.

This kit includes enough materials for you to design and make 6-7 dangling earrings (Refer to our product pic for the earring pieces you'll get).


  • Laser-cut Acrylic Pieces 60+
  • Earring Findings (enough for making 7-8 pairs)
  • Little figurines + Beads + Sequins
  • Earring cards*3
  • Acrylic pens*3 (random colour)
  • Instructions
  • Hand Drill + Drill Bits*5
  • Plier
  • Jumpring opener
  • Superglue/E6000 + finger Cots

Designed and made by Funky Fun You in Adelaide, South Australia.

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