Light & Glo Christmas Bauble Candles - Various Scents

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The elegance of Light & Glo candles meet the incredible illustrations of our Artist Pola, make for a truly unique and special experience, from opening to burning.  No ordinary candle, no ordinary experience!

A signature candle in a limited edition gift box with carefully curated fragrances are a must this Christmas. With playful packaging creating a little magic and fun for your loved ones.

Mulled Wine: Rich and intoxicating warm aromas of fruit and red wine. The warm claret tones mingle with zingy orange and woody spices – just like the real thing

Blackcurrant & Plum: delightful fruity notes of blackcurrant and lemon with the intoxicating allure of cyclamen, pine, and plum.

Gingerbread Cookie: All the joys of Christmas baking with fragrances of gingerbread. 

Size: 115g

Approx. 25hr burn time. 

100% soy wax, with ethically sourced North American wooden wicks combined with the highest grade oils to for beautifully scented candle. 

Designed and made by Light & Glo in Melbourne, Australia. 

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