Pixie Nut & Co Gold Plated Earrings - Kookaburra Hoops. Sold at Have You Met Charlie?, a unique gift shop located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Pixie Nut & Co Gold Plated Earrings - Kookaburra Hoops

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These light weight laser cut brass charms are paired with gold plated hooks.

* laser cut stainless steel charms or brass charms, 18k gold plated
* exclusive design created by Pixie Nut
* versatile with any look and can be dressed up or down
* packaged with natural, biodegradable materials

Do not wear in the shower or swimming.
To clean, use a soft damp cloth, dry microfibre cloth or metal polishing cloth.
Brass will oxidise slowly over time causing tarnishing, a natural quality of the metal. Many like this look but if you want to shine it up again there are several ways to do so such as cleaning with soap and water or using a metal polishing cloth. Avoid excessive touching if you want to keep it looking shiny for longer.

Handmade by Pixie Nut & Co in Nimbin, NSW

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